Massage Mentorship Program

Achieve Your Goals

Inner G's massage therapist mentor-ship program's main goals are to remove the stress of being a successful massage therapist in order for you to be able to truly serve others in a holistic manner. We enable therapist's to learn massage techniques that are uniquely structured for the individual on the table, so each client feels met, heard & walks out more balanced than when they walked in. You will learn tools and techniques to grow your client base, receive supplemental training, services, and supplies to facilitate this experience for your customers, and be a part of our ever-expanding network of therapist's!

Ensure your practice is up to date on the most recent training, materials, and information. Inner G will also forward customers to our therapist's within our network to build their clientele.

With this model, we plan on growing our company by supporting this vision for both therapists and clients.

Head Massage

One-To-One Training

One-To-One Mentorship training would include bi-monthly teaching sessions, access to new educational materials, and personalized help and guidance to grow your business and client base.

Business Automation

Additionally, we offer business automation setup and can add easy-to-use booking services for you clients, as well as advertising and website consultation.

Organizing the Calendar