Additional Services

HSA/FSA are accepted at Inner G. Please make sure your provider approves. 

Groupon Massages are not available with Griselle Q.



Signature Massage

Find peace in a relaxation treatment catered to reduce stress and tension. Included in the treatment is aromatherapy and scalp and face points to reduce stress. 

75 minute - $115 90 minute - $135

Full Body Hot Stones

Full body treatment enhanced with hot stone therapy. Stones will be heated to a soothing temperature of 120 degrees and lubricated with oil or essential oil to provide a deep relaxation that is calming and centering. 

75 minute - $125 90 minute - $145


Therapeutic Massage 

Designed to focus on pain management and chronic pain. Includes a variety of techniques and tools to help treat a range of issues and gets deep to the root of the problem. 

75 minute - $120 90 minute - $140

Theragun Sports (Fully Clothed) Currently Not Available 

A percussive massage gun treatment to the back, arms, shoulders, glutes, thighs and legs to help with muscle fatigue and muscle activation. Recommended for athletes, workout enthusiasts, and individuals that are new to massage therapy. Please come prepared with comfortable fitting clothing.

45 minute - $60

Medical Massage w Griselle

A medical massage is an outcome-based approach provided by a certified medical massage therapist. Used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and increase flexibility while providing stress relief and relaxation.

75 minute - $140 90 minute - $160


Couple’s Massage

Bond with a friend, a love one, or a partner. Treatments are customized and tailored to each individual's needs encompassing a whole experience of rest & rejuvenation.

75 minute - $250 90 minute - $275

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is provided in the side-lying position. Our therapists will provide the best comfort with cushions, a heated table, and a nurturing touch for you and your baby. Recommended after the first trimester and on a monthly basis.

75 minute - $120 90 minute - $140

Inner G Vibrance Fully Clothed (Relaxation)

Step in for a reset and refresh yourself with a 60 minute treatment that includes hands, feet, neck and scalp. Open up the energetic pathways by releasing the tension at these major points. Recommended for newcomers to massage and for a mind & body refresher.

60 minute - $100

Restorative Table Thai Blend Fully Clothed (Relaxation)

Unique fusion of two great eastern modalities. The fluidity and rhythm of this treatment creates a relaxing, meditative experience. This treatment is practiced over loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Recommended for tension release, grounding, and overall well-being.

60 minute - $100

*Prices are subject to change