Frequently Asked Questions

What is Massage Therapy?

Therapeutic Massage integrates techniques from various bodywork modalities. The techniques applied are designed to treat the body as a whole unit and restore health from deep-rooted musculoskeletal imbalances as well as acute injuries in the tendons, muscles and fascia. The goal of our treatment is to create a longer-lasting healing effect and optimistically free our patients from pain in order to maintain a better quality of life.

Why Inner G?

Inner G makes self-care easy. Our convenient location is accessible from the Irving Park or Addison Brown Line and free parking is available. We offer an affordable introductory special to our new clients to experience the benefits of massage therapy. We encourage your steps to a prosperous and healthy lifestyle. We expand our knowledge to help you along your path and apply our new skills and tools to enhance your treatment.

Is Massage Safe for Everyone?

Most massage techniques are safe for most people of all ages. With the right touch, massage is safe and a very beneficial health support. However, there are several conditions that a massage would not be recommended. For example, contagious disease, fever, severe pain, or a history of thrombosis. Certain contraindications, such as recent injuries or deep vein thrombosis, will require the massage treatment to be modified. Please fill out the intake form to the best of your ability to inform your therapist of any modifications or concerns that will affect massage treatment. If you suffer from bleeding disorders, severe osteoporosis, or severe thrombocytopenia, please consult with your doctor prior to making a session. Craniosacral therapy is a wonderful alternative for those that cannot receive massage.

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is helpful to reduce stress and anxiety, blood pressure, chronic pain, headaches and much more!. Main reasons that anyone seeks massage therapy is for muscuskeletal issues, such as low back or shoulder pain. Massage therapy is a great addition to preventative care and maintenance. For more information on massage benefits look for our monthly articles.

Do You Offer Deep Tissue?

Our therapeutic treatment is a perfect blend of deep tissue, sports, shiatsu and swedish massage. Our techniques and pressure are dependant on your bodies ability to soften and relax. The most benefit comes when your breathing allows for the tissue layers to accept deeper pressure. Our belief is that with patience and the right touch, the body will benefit greatly than forceful, deep pressure.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

We currently offer services with aromatherapy, CBD, cupping, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and hot stones. Your session can include any of these add-ons free of charge.

I've Never Had a Massage Before...

Before we can begin your massage, you will need to fill out an intake form. It is necessary to discuss any health or medical conditions that you are managing and any questions regarding the intake form or massage preferences. You will receive your intake form via email. Your therapist will discuss with you your goals, a treatment plan and any questions pertaining to the intake form. Be sure to ask questions if you are unsure of the procedure or process. Your therapist should guide you so you can feel relaxed and safe. For a full body massage, it is best to undress down to your under garments. If you feel comfortable, you can fully undress. If you would like deep stretching, please wear loose or short shorts. Your therapist will step out of the room while you unwind and relax on the table. For your first sessions, it is important to communicate with your therapist if the pressure is too hard to breathe through. Your therapist should guide you with your breath work in cases where deeper pressure will be applied. Although it is assumed that your therapist is very knowledgeable of the body, your communication of sensations and feelings are necessary. Certain areas of the body can hold trigger points or there might be a stinging sensation that is painful. Please communicate with your therapist about these sensations for it is very helpful for your treatment.

Client Etiquette

If you are seeking therapeutic work for pain or injury, we advise to bring loose fitting shorts and bikini top (halter) for appropriate coverage. Your massage session is tailored to include deep stretches and possibly work on difficult muscles such as the chest muscles or hip muscles. Draping is one less concern we will have with loose, comfortable clothing. If you prefer a relaxation massage with minimal manipulation, you can undress to your comfort level, from wearing socks and underwear, to being completely bare-skinned. Please use the sheet to cover your body prior to beginning the massage. Conversation is supported. Please keep the topics professional.

Important Information

Know your travel time. Be aware of travelling time including additional time for parking. Arrive before your start time. Your massage time is valuable and you want to arrive before your appointment time to ensure your full session. Know your intention and goals with your massage treatment. Are you coming in for an injury or stress management? Avoid eating right before your session. Eat light atleast an hour prior to your appointment so you can enjoy the massage and avoid hunger pains. Drink plenty of water. You will want to stay hydrated and keep hydrated so the tissue is pliable.