Ireri Perez, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist in Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

Ireri Perez, LMT
Meet Ireri Perez, LMT

Available Hours:

Tues: 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Wed: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm 

Ireri Perez, LMT, provides restorative treatments that fit each patient’s individual needs at Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. She views massage as a crucial part of a whole-person healing and wellness and is always ready to help clients achieve their goals. 

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Ireri worked as a grant writer for a local health care center. As her knowledge and skills within the health care field expanded, Ireri realized she wanted to serve patients in a more direct hands-on way. This led her to enroll in massage therapy school. 

Ireri earned her massage therapy diploma at the prestigious Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ireri wished to further her training and skills so she reached out to Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care for mentorship. 

Working under the expert guidance of Griselle Quiñones, Ireri expanded her skills further by combining clinically-based techniques with an intuitive approach. 

Ireri is currently welcoming patients at the Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care. Schedule an appointment online or call the office for help today.