Signature Massage

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Signature Massage services offered in Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

At Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care, the signature massage offers true full-body relaxation, soothes tension, and eases your mind into a relaxed state of being. Skilled massage therapist offer 60- 75- 90- and 120-minute signature massages in their facility in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Book your massage through online scheduling or call the office today. 

  • 60 - minute $105
  • 75 - minute $125
  • 90 - minute $145
  • 120 minute $185
Signature Massage Q&A

What is the signature massage?

The Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care team created the signature massage as a uniquely relaxing and revitalizing experience for their patients. This massage offers full-body relaxation and is an excellent way to unwind, relax the body, and ease the mind into a balanced state of being. 

What does the signature massage consist of?

The signature massage is a light-firm pressure massage, based upon your needs. 

The Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care team always discusses individual needs and massage goals with you before treatment to determine the touch that works best for you. 

In addition to the relaxing massage, you can choose add-ons to enhance your massage experience including: 



Aromatherapy uses scent to enhance the effects of your massage. Depending on your personal goals, the team can recommend an aromatherapy scent or blend for calmness, energy, or other specific effects. 


Hot stone therapy

In hot stone therapy, flat river rocks deliver deep and soothing warmth at various points on your body, usually along the back. The stones can help massage therapists to move deeper into the muscles and relieve tension while delivering deep relaxation. 



Reflexology involves pressure to specific areas on your feet or hands. These pressure points correspond with different parts of your body, causing those areas to relax.


Scalp and face massage

A scalp and face massage applies light pressure to various points on your head and face, creating a very soothing experience. 

Your signature massage can include any add-ons you like to enhance the experience.

Available in 60-, 75-, 90-, and 120-minute increments.

When might I need a signature massage?

Patients find that the signature massage offers benefits for both the body and the mind. The Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care team often recommends the signature massage to people seeking stress and anxiety relief along with true full-body relaxation.

The signature massage is a great introduction to massage, and many patients schedule the signature massage on a regular basis to feel their best. 

Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care is here to help you destress and rejuvenate using a variety of bodywork techniques. Book your appointment online or call the office to set up your massage therapy session now.