HSA/FSA are accepted at Inner G. Please make sure your provider approves. 

Groupon Massages are not available with Griselle Q.




Signature Massage

Find peace in a relaxation treatment catered to reduce stress and tension. Included in the treatment is aromatherapy and scalp and face points to reduce stress. 

75 minute - $115                       90 minute - $135

Hot Stones

Full body treatment enhanced with hot stone therapy. Stones will be heated to a soothing temperature of 120 degrees and lubricated with oil or essential oil to provide a deep relaxation that is calming and centering. 

75 minute - $120                          90 minute - $140


Therapeutic Massage 

Designed to focus on pain management and chronic pain. Includes a variety of techniques and tools to help treat a range of issues and gets deep to the root of the problem. 

75 minute - $115                       90 minute - $135

Theragun Sports (Fully Clothed) Currently Not Available 

30 minute - $60

Medical Massage w Griselle

A medical massage is an outcome-based approach provided by a certified medical massage therapist. Used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and increase flexibility while providing stress relief and relaxation.

75 minute - $140                          90 minute - $160


Couple’s Massage

Bond with a friend, a love one, or a partner. Treatments are customized and tailored to each individual's needs encompassing a whole experience of rest & rejuvenation.

75 minute - $250                          90 minute - $275

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is provided in the side-lying position. Our therapists will provide the best comfort with cushions, a heated table, and a nurturing touch for you and your baby. Recommended after the first trimester and on a monthly basis.

75 minute - $120                          90 minute - $140


Inner G Vibrance Fully Clothed (Relaxation)

Step in for a reset and refresh yourself with a 60 minute treatment that includes hands, feet, neck and scalp. Open up the energetic pathways by releasing the tension at these major points. Recommended for newcomers to massage and for a mind & body refresher.

60 minute - $100

Restorative Table Thai Blend Fully Clothed (Relaxation)

Unique fusion of two great eastern modalities. The fluidity and rhythm of this treatment creates a relaxing, meditative experience. This treatment is practiced over loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Recommended for tension release, grounding, and overall well-being.

60 minute - $100

*Prices are subject to change