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Inner G: Restorative & Holistic Care, Inc. 

3759 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 227, Chicago, IL 60613

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Why Inner G?

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Enhance blood circulation

  • Help strengthen the immune system

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Relieve tired and achy muscles

  • Help improve posture

  • Reduce tension headaches

  • Increase flexibility & range of motion

  • Help lower blood pressure

  • Decrease recovery time from injury

  • Relieve stress & anxiety

  • Increase athletic performance

  • Enhance mood

  • Promote relaxation

  • Enhance energy and vitality

At Inner G, we work with...

  • Stress-related tension

  • Sleep disorders

  • High blood pressure

  • Physical pain (musculoskeletal)

  • Post-surgical recovery

  • Cancer-related fatigue

  • Insomnia related stress

  • Diabetes

  • Mental/Emotional concerns

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