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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a specific technique focusing on the lymphatic system of the body to reroute the lymphatic pathway disrupted by restrictions to due swelling. Light pressure mobilizes the lymphatic system in a way that a standard massage may oversee.

*If you are an active cancer patient, please receive the approval of your oncologist prior to booking.

30-minute ---------- $75*

45-minute ---------- $105*

60-minute ---------- $140

75-minute ---------- $160

90-minute ---------- $180

Packages of 4 available

*Available only for Post-Operative MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Q&A

What is a MLD?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle approach to bodywork. It focuses on understanding the lymphatic system and its pathways to reroute lymph in case there has been restrictions via tension, damage due to injury or excess swelling post surgery. Excess lymph can be seen as swelling, though, there are subtle swelling and inflammation in our body that is unaddressed via a therapeutic massage that will be during an MLD treatment.


What Appointment Types Are There?

Our MLD specialist is trained in the Vodder technique and has learned other protocols to help with specific issues.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph in a regular session.

  • Post-Op Manual Lymphatic Drainage have a different set of criteria where shorter sessions are required the first two weeks after surgery if there are no complications or infections. We recommend a minimum of a 5 week plan twice/week.

  • Neuro Lymphatic Drainage is a specific protocol for degenerative neurological diseases that can help slow down the progression, helpful for those that have had brain surgery and/or concussions or have long haul brain fog due to COVID or chronic illness. One must be seen regularly to see results


When Might I Need MLD?

MLD can be helpful for many different health and wellness needs, including: 

  • Pre surgery swelling

  • Post surgery healing

  • Swelling from injury

  • Excess Swelling in general

  • Pre athletic events

  • Post athletic events for DOMS

  • Chronic venus insufficiency

  • Vericose veins

  • Swelling in legs


How Soon Can I Book?

MLD can be provided as soon as needed. For those that require MLD for post surgery or has had significant lymph nodes removed, we recommend receiving approval from your doctor before booking. We require a 72 hour notice so our MLD specialist has at least 24 hours to formulate a plan based on your intake form.

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