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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can treat a broad range of pain types by getting to the true root of the problem. At Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care, therapeutic massage by our staff offer a variety of techniques like trigger point therapy, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, and cupping therapy in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule your massage today. 

30-minute ---------- $75

45-minute ---------- $100

60-minute ---------- $125

75-minute ---------- $150

90-minute ---------- $175

120-minute ---------$230

Therapeutic Massage Q&A

What is a Therapeutic Massage?

The Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care team customizes therapeutic massage sessions based on your needs and goals. Therapeutic massage focuses on relieving pain. This type of massage gets to the root of pain and helps to heal the pain-causing problems from deep within the body. We incorporate a variety of techniques and tools.


What is Included in a Therapeutic Massage?

All our therapeutic massage sessions have complementary add-ons. Those include, Aromatherapy, C.B.D., Cupping, Hand and/or Feet, Heated Table, Hot Stone Therapy, Pressure Modifier, Scalp & Face Treatment and last but not least, Theragun Percussive Tool. They are available to add when you book your apointment.  


What Are the Techniques? 

Trigger point therapy


Trigger point therapy seeks the knotted areas within your muscles and involves deep breathing with medium-to-deep pressure applied to help smooth those knots. 


Myofascial release


Myofascial release focuses on the fascia, the thin-but-strong weblike tissue wrapping around your muscles. When these tissues are stressed, they tighten and can squeeze muscles, leading to trigger points. Myofascial release involves manual pressure to stretch the fascia, restore its elasticity, and break down the knotted trigger point beneath it. 


Cupping therapy


Cupping therapy, massage therapists use special small cups to create suction on your skin. This draws the skin upward into the cup and helps to ease pain, improve circulation, and relieve inflammation. 


Facilitated stretching


Facilitated stretching is a special technique to improve your muscle elasticity. This, in turn, improves your range of motion and flexibility, both of which often suffer when you’re in pain.


The team uses a combination of these approaches in many cases. Therapeutic massage techniques use medium to firm pressure. While they can have relaxation benefits, it’s a very different experience than the signature massage, which focuses entirely on relaxation. 


Who Might Need a Therapeutic Massage?

You might need therapeutic massage if you have acute or chronic pain due to a sports injury, traumatic injury, or chronic condition. Therapeutic massage is also very helpful for people who struggle with their range of motion and mobility due to pain or injury. Some patients may come in for therapeutic massage as part of their rehab following surgery.


Inner G Restorative and Holistic Care can help with pain management and injury recovery using the full spectrum of therapeutic massage techniques. If you’re struggling with pain or mobility problems, call the Ravenswood office or click on the provided online scheduling tool to arrange your personalized therapeutic massage today.     

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